Putting Alfa Wi-Fi Adapters into Monitor Mode in Kali Linux

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  1. Me says:

    I have a Alfa AWUS036H+U can do all process but can’t find any bssid during the serch..any fix?

  2. Jarred says:

    I actually have the same problem. When I run the iwconfig after airmon-ng start wlan1 it shows my wlan0 is set to monitor but it does NOT change the name to wlan0mon and when I run airodump I bet no results.

    • Jason says:

      What wireless adapter are you using? Does it support monitor mode and packet injection? A lot of built-in adapters (if you’re using a laptop) don’t.

  3. Mario says:

    It seems my adapter/wifi card Alfa AWUSO36NH do not support it! I’mm so sorry about it..

  4. john says:

    that was the simplest example of how to set moniter mode, thanks!

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