Using a 256GB micro SD Card with SD2Vita at ux0:

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  1. mo07sin says:

    thanks man you save my day ..

  2. Rudolfo Laspari says:

    Thanks for the tutorial mate! Worked like a charm!

  3. Carlos says:

    hi, so I did the back up, but when I transferred it to the micro sd card (sd2vita) there was some files which were “damaged”.. so the pc was unable to copy,
    so i omited those… now, seems like all the app/vpk files appear, but most give error (C1-2738-0) only molecular shell works…
    i was able to delete tai from sd2vita, then swap using tf tool, but now tf tools won’t work.
    so, here is some more information ;since I can use molecular shell I tried to install a small vpk i had in ux0… = error 0x80010016…any solution please
    pdtta:some of the files i skipped (not copy back where something like “psp2updat” or something…?…

    • Jason says:

      Not sure… I’m going to assume the files that weren’t able to be copied were needed? The only time I’ve seen the C1-xxx-x error when trying to launch a game is when I didn’t go in and run h-encore and re-apply HENkaku before running a game. That has to be done every time you boot the Vita before launching copied games.

  4. Larry says:

    This is great thank you. Only guide I found that mentioned changing to SD2Vita within USB in VitaShell. I couldn’t figure out why my SD2 card would not show up on PC.

    Thanks mate!

  5. seamonkey420 says:

    so far the best article i’ve ran across on SD2Vita. all of the other one’s leave out steps and don’t even talk about the tf tool. thanks again!

  6. RomyoData says:

    All’s fine as you have mentioned.
    One problem!

    My game freezes upon loading just 1-2 mkns after running of i use sd2vita … no issues when games run via ps vita’s default proprietary mem card …

    My vita adapter is version 3
    Sd card: samsung evo plus 256gb U3

    What to do: so that game and system don’t freeze when using sd2vita card ..

    Reply soon …

    • RomyoData says:

      I used exfat formatting method via windows …


      Someone said format into exfat via linux (ubuntu) – and not windows- after loading via windows .. i did that; even did same thing via mac – formatting sd card into exfat – both cases: ps vita didn’t even recognize the sd card ..

      System info: memory card showed – – ; instead of the apacity

      Windows method – did recognize the card; but keeps on freezi g after a minute or 2 …. – as if sd card is corrupt (which it isn’t – works fine when used as a pen drive via card reader on windows ….

      Could my sd2vita ver 3 adapter be corroupt instead ???

      Need help!!

    • Jason says:

      I’m not sure what would be causing that. I’ve not had that issue with either of my SD2Vita adapters (one in a Vita and one in a PS TV)

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