Using a 256GB micro SD Card with SD2Vita at ux0:

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  1. mo07sin says:

    thanks man you save my day ..

  2. Rudolfo Laspari says:

    Thanks for the tutorial mate! Worked like a charm!

  3. Carlos says:

    hi, so I did the back up, but when I transferred it to the micro sd card (sd2vita) there was some files which were “damaged”.. so the pc was unable to copy,
    so i omited those… now, seems like all the app/vpk files appear, but most give error (C1-2738-0) only molecular shell works…
    i was able to delete tai from sd2vita, then swap using tf tool, but now tf tools won’t work.
    so, here is some more information ;since I can use molecular shell I tried to install a small vpk i had in ux0… = error 0x80010016…any solution please
    pdtta:some of the files i skipped (not copy back where something like “psp2updat” or something…?…

    • Jason says:

      Not sure… I’m going to assume the files that weren’t able to be copied were needed? The only time I’ve seen the C1-xxx-x error when trying to launch a game is when I didn’t go in and run h-encore and re-apply HENkaku before running a game. That has to be done every time you boot the Vita before launching copied games.

  4. Larry says:

    This is great thank you. Only guide I found that mentioned changing to SD2Vita within USB in VitaShell. I couldn’t figure out why my SD2 card would not show up on PC.

    Thanks mate!

  5. seamonkey420 says:

    so far the best article i’ve ran across on SD2Vita. all of the other one’s leave out steps and don’t even talk about the tf tool. thanks again!

  6. RomyoData says:

    All’s fine as you have mentioned.
    One problem!

    My game freezes upon loading just 1-2 mkns after running of i use sd2vita … no issues when games run via ps vita’s default proprietary mem card …

    My vita adapter is version 3
    Sd card: samsung evo plus 256gb U3

    What to do: so that game and system don’t freeze when using sd2vita card ..

    Reply soon …

    • RomyoData says:

      I used exfat formatting method via windows …


      Someone said format into exfat via linux (ubuntu) – and not windows- after loading via windows .. i did that; even did same thing via mac – formatting sd card into exfat – both cases: ps vita didn’t even recognize the sd card ..

      System info: memory card showed – – ; instead of the apacity

      Windows method – did recognize the card; but keeps on freezi g after a minute or 2 …. – as if sd card is corrupt (which it isn’t – works fine when used as a pen drive via card reader on windows ….

      Could my sd2vita ver 3 adapter be corroupt instead ???

      Need help!!

    • Jason says:

      I’m not sure what would be causing that. I’ve not had that issue with either of my SD2Vita adapters (one in a Vita and one in a PS TV)

  7. steven says:

    hi, nice tutorial, my issue is after its done, I don’t see my sd2vita card. only memory card, im on 3.63 using henkaku and vitashell 1.98. hope someone can help!!!

  8. steven says:

    only time I can see the sd2vita working is when I change the usb loading to pc on vitashell as sd2vita, it shows on pc the data from the sd2vita in the game drive on vita. (does that make sense?)

  9. Nate says:

    You are a life saver! I tried 4 or 5 other tutorials, but they didn’t work.

    Tips for others:
    -You can still transfer all of the files using FTP, it just takes longer.
    -I had to format the card using Windows. I tried several methods unsuccessfully on my MAC.
    -The TF Card Link tool doesn’t appear to install on the internal memory card, so you’ll need the proprietary PS Vita memory card. (I’m still playing with this one trying to get it to install to internal memory).

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