Installing Windows XP from Scratch on VAIO VGN-UX390N

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  1. One small nitpick: as someone who has been running Vista x64 on his primary desktop between late 2008 and mid-2018, I object to slandering its name 🙂 Microsoft eventually did “fix it” (and in some ways it was more that the hardware vendors came out with stable working drivers). Post SP1 Vista is rather solid, and I found it even a bit more stable than Windows 7. With that said, on a 1GHz/1GB system, such as this VAIO, neither would be able to provide a satisfactory user experience.

    I know the pain in manually hunting for manufacturer drivers for specific OSes. Kudos for providing the step-by-step. 🙂

    • Jason says:

      I worked in IT when Vista came out and we rolled it out to hundreds of machines. It was very problematic at first. To be honest I never really used it personally (I stuck with Windows XP until Windows 7 came out), but I do remember having to roll back a ton of machines to XP because our business customers weren’t happy with Vista’s stability, speed, and compatibility with software. On a full PC I don’t imagine it would be that bad after the software fixes (you mentioned SP1) but on this VAIO it was pretty slow. The VAIO is just too underpowered to run it well at all, and with only 1GB of RAM, there’s just not enough to keep it from doing a lot of memory swapping via the slow EMMC SSD. I’m still looking for those Sony apps. Haven’t found them yet. :-/

  2. Renath Estefan says:

    you’re a life saver!!!! thank you so much. I’ve been looking for these drivers for the longest time after i installed windows again on my laptop. i was really about to give up. Thanks to you i was able to fix my Laptop.

  3. Kevin Alex says:

    thanks for uploading those drivers, i was having problems finding them as well. long live the ux series breh

  4. Jay says:

    Great reading this, thanks! I’ve been “updating” my VGN-UX50 (owned from new, I dig it out now and again); and came across this post. I tend to run an external SSD and Lubuntu 18.04 (32 bit), but have a fully updated ‘final XP version’ on its internal 30 GB (I know! help!). I do have those XP drivers you are missing – in fact I have all the drivers and additional small programs that help navigation. PM me if that’s useful.

    [BTW, it _is_ just possible to slipstream Win 10 Home 32 bit (v.1803) onto a VGN-UX50 (not your machine I know), via USB HDD into the side USB 2 port: but… hahaha – each mouse click takes about 30 seconds to several minutes to respond (!) – eventually you can pare back the system (over many hours, with the mouse clicks responding quicker as you go along deactivating services, but still up to 5 seconds each one at the end), regedit many entries, switch off built-in services (update/services) and workaround the imposed RAM limitations. It was ‘fun’, but it took me a week to get something which… doesn’t really function at all (15% ram free, after waiting 5 minutes post-boot, of the 512 MB of the VGN-UX50). So _don’t_ attempt a Win10 install, unless you _love_ configuration hell! / Lubuntu and Bodhi work very well and snappy in 512 MB.]

  5. Khalil OUAFTOUH says:

    Here is everything you might need

  6. Rob Whitaker says:

    Has anyone managed to get the Special Buttons working under XP? i can launch the Special Buttons Settings and configure them but the buttons thems selves just dont work, nor does rotating the unit… have got it working in Windows 7 but not XP.

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